Monday, March 2, 2009

my ramblings

Well, once again it is time for me to write about things that have happened. There has not been much that has happened. I had a concert this last friday night with the ISU Wind Ensemble. It went really well, I thought. We played pieces by Bhrams, Heinz, Ellerby, Gabrieli, and Jacobs. Each piece went very well. The Ellerby is by far my favorite. This piece is called Paris Sketches, and has four movements. My brother Gail was able to come down and attend this concert. This was the first time that he heard me play, and he was fairly surprised.


  1. I love Gail to pieces and I want him to know that before I die of melanoma, we are both cancer fighters, Gail has prostate cancer and I've had melanoma. Gail left me for an older lady from Idaho. I miss him very much and it's breaking my heart into pieces to live without him. I wanted to have a baby with Gail and love him, and take care of him till the rest of my life. We were the most beautiful Jewish-LDS couple in Tucson.
    I didn't do anything to hurt him.
    The lady from Idaho did it.
    I will always love Gail.