Monday, January 19, 2009

So this last week has been pretty hard, because of my roomate problems and school. Well, late thursday night there was a lot of room mate drama. There was a lot of yelling, swearing, and yes even a fight, and the police were envolved too. In the middle of the fight, I was pretty scared and was staying in my room, and I decided to pray. As I was praying, I asked that everyone that was in the apartment would calm down and be comforted. The moment that I said this the yelling stopped and everyting started to calm down. It absolutely amazes me that Heavenly Father is always there to help us, even if it is just room mate drama. I am so greateful for all of my many blessings and the fact that I have so many people that care so much for me and are so willing to help me through whatever is going on.

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